A community project for protection of workers

Apart from the NHS front line workers, there are also workers in other public sectors such as supermarkets, pharmacies, the volunteer sector and delivery drivers that are exposed to COVID-19. With the international crisis of personal and protective equipment, these workers are not priority for supplies of any kind of protection.

SouthMasks are a Southampton support group, linking a network of people that can make and supply personal protective equipment (PPE) with people that desperately need them in Southampton and its surrounding areas.

Scientific assessment within the University of Southampton demonstrate that our masks could achieve filtration capacity of up to 60-75% of the large particles, which is the best possible for masks produced in the community for the community. Our coverings help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and should be used in enclosed spaces together with rigorous measures of washing hands and avoiding touch of the face.

If you can make or supply PPE or if you need our help, please select one of the options below. We will ask you to let us know what you can offer or need and for your location. Our team of hardworking volunteers will then get in touch with you.

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